Saturday, September 18, 2010

Police arrest the organizer of Moscow Gay Parade

The organizer of Moscow Gay Pride parade was arrested by police who try to pressure him to give up organizing a demonstration against the mayor, said a colleague, Alexei Davydov, who denounced the use of "methods of the Gestapo."

Arrested on Wednesday at the airport of Domodedovo, near Moscow, where would embark Geneva, Nikolai Alekseev was taken to an unknown place, Davydov said the Echo Moscow radio.

A spokesman for the airport, Elena Galanova, denied the information saying that Alekseev was denied boarding because he refused to remove their shoes at security control.

According Davydov, Nikolai Alekseev, also founder of the site, sent text messages that mention pressures to withdraw a police complaint against the mayor of Moscow, Yuri Lujkov to ban the organization of the Gay Parade in the capital.

Since 2006, the year's first parade, the organizers face the negative of the municipality to organize the event. Lujkov The mayor, known for its homophobia, precludes systematic manifestations of gays, who already classified as "creatures of Satan."

Source: G1


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