Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Male Models From Pakistan

Pakistan is a country located in South part of Asia, this country's capital city is Islamabad. Others big city is Lahore where its was the capital city of Entertainment in Pakistan. The official Pakistani language is Urdu and majority of Pakistan peoples is Muslims. They really conservative Muslims, and because its conservative many western values clashed with traditional Pakistani values. Most Pakistani looks like Indian because Pakistan and India shared same history, in fact Pakistan was part of India in past but conquered by Muslim Turkic Mughal Empire and Pakistan is becoming Muslim country, separated with Indian Hindus.

Many Pakistani men is beard and they all tall peoples so that's why all of them look so macho. I have a lot of Pakistani Hunks in my blog, the right examples one of course the beautiful Prince Charming, Imran Abbas. Many Pakistani hunks is handsome, hot and sexy but unfortunately most of them cannot showing their beautiful bodies always because Pakistan is stricted Muslim country where Men also need to cover themself. So that's why they always wearing some hot Pakistan traditional dress just like Imran Abbas always wore.

Here I give you several hot male models from Pakistan, I don't know each of their name but sure all of them is hot and sexy. Enjoy it!


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